Thursday, July 26, 2012

Connecting, relating and building....exploring endless possibilities

You ever have those feelings, when you start seeing someone. At the beginning stages you are getting to know each other, discovering different things that you share in common, the innocent flirting, sharing a laugh as well as those awkward moments when things become so intense that you sometimes are at a loss of words. Those moments where throughout the day, you can't stop thinking about this person, no matter what you do, you just can't seem to get them out of your system. With all of these wonderful intangibles which looks to hold the potential to develop into something beautiful, only one thing is standing in the way, you don't live in the same city.

After many experiences dating in my hometown, it just seemed like time and time again, I was running into more of the same. The prospects didn't quite match up to what I was looking for in a woman from a compatibility standpoint. Not going to go into any lengthy details but basically, my hometown was looking to be more of a dating cess pool. I knew there just had to be something much better out there for me than what I was experiencing...That's when I began opening myself up to the idea of networking outside of where I live.

Of course long distance relationship or dating has it's pros and cons. For me, the positive far outweighed the negatives compared to what I was experiencing here. This gave me a greater opportunity to take things slower, allowing time and patience to nurture the bond.

Now everyone may not agree with this and I will add that long distance dating/relationships are not for everyone but for me, I look at it this way, it allows me to open myself up to the possibilities of connecting with someone who otherwise I may have never met otherwise.

With what I do for a living, I network with a lot of people from all over the world and I must say, Social media has afforded me the opportunity to link up with some great people who share the same interest and goals, as well; have opened me up to a whole other world that I would have never thought I would experience in my wildest dreams.

Initially as I began utilizing this vehicle as a way to make new contacts and build new relationships from a business standpoint, meeting someone that I found interest in was never in the cards initially. Call it divine intervention, but consider my spiritual beliefs, I am a believer that no matter how you connect with someone, it is never by accident, everything always happens for a reason, some maybe only a short lived season but in other cases...there is always a reason.

What this experience is teaching me as a man, I am learning to have more patience during the process because there are lots of eligible single women who are single but rarely get approached because of preconceived notions. To already make assumptions about a person before you have had the chance to have a conversation with them first, as the old adage goes, never judge a book by it's cover. Don't write yourself off before giving yourself a fair chance otherwise, never know what you could truly be missing out on.

In closing, with busy schedules, having ambitions, goals and the day to day life to attend (raising the children, etc), dating in this day and age can be difficult for most singles. Explore the many other options available and don't knock it until you have at least given them an honest shot.
Signing off now....Take care of yourself and each other~Lover J.~