When is the right time.....Relating before relations

So now you have been seeing each other for some time now. You have been out on numerous dates and with each kiss shared, things began becoming more intense.  These insatiable urges just won't rest, now what do you do?

From a logical standpoint, you don't want to rush into anything to soon without giving the relationship a chance to grow.  But still, the looms of physical attraction remain eminent. Now you have a decision to make but in this case, you have to recognize that this decision involves two people.

Now if say you hold strong beliefs regarding sex before marriage then I encourage you to stick to your guns if that is something you feel very strongly about. There is a beauty in waiting it out especially if your truest desire is to make a lifelong commitment of this relationship.  With that said, here are some things that you must keep in mind, one; to abstain is something most commendable and nothing to be ashamed of, if that person really cares for you as they say they do, then that lets you know that they too share the same beliefs and value the integrity of your relationship as well....If you have the ability to muster up enough strength to withhold from taking things any further and you are both content with this arrangement, then I say kudos to you both.

Now for the rest of us, this can be a defining moment which can either take a turn for the better or for the worst. Always keep and mind and be honest with yourself in these matters. First, ask yourself how far do you want things to go?  Do you see any real potential in this monogamous union and is the object of your affections on the same page with you.

Crossing over to the other side and into the bedroom is a beautiful thing when it is in it's proper context.  Now I want to add, if you are reading this and you are more into just getting a quick lay and then on to the next....Not knocking you for your honesty in self but this article is not for you.

Carrying on, I think the mistake that most of us make is placing the constraints of time limits.  When you are seriously involved  with someone, provided you have both come to an agreement that this is what you both want, the main component which is necessary in these matters is communicating.  Not simply just speaking on the surface, but speaking honestly, openly address these desires and why you feel the way you do.  One thing when it comes to the ladies (provided you are seeing someone who you value, cherish and hold a great level of respect for), she is giving a big part of her self to you, for her to give of herself is giving you a gift that she expects you to honor, cherish and protect.  She wants to feel first and foremost not only do you respect her, but are you really committed to going the distance with her even when she is not having those not so wonderful moments.  For her to give herself, she is sharing an extension of herself with you, in the hopes that you will share with her, which makes you become as one.  It's not simply about the release, the romp and roll in the hey, but the experience of being connected on a deeper level, being totally naked to you.  To receive that is pure bliss within itself.

With all of that said, before making that leap remember, this is not just some fleeting moment that will return back void, this is an opportunity to experience the beauty of expressing your feelings in a pleasurable, physical magnitude.  Just be certain that you are both ready, willing and on a level of maturity where you can both handle it.

Last, I have spiritual beliefs like anyone else but I am human also, a human with desires and needs like any other human being in existence.

I will end off by saying, to express your deepest desires to someone you hold true and dear to your heart is something that should be sacred, never take these matters likely, it could be the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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